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Built #1 – Severn Lifeboat, 1:72 (Airfix) + RC

I needed some time out from my tyne boathouse and slipway project.
I saw some 1:200 tugs driving in a table pool on a model fair. So the Severn came back onto my mind.  There are some RC builts online to find and 1:72 may be the limit for my hands but not worse.
What do women when the stress level is high (sometimes): shopping …. I can do similar!

Unfortunately 1:72 is far away from my usual 1:20 so I had top buy most of the components new.

The Airfix box arrived showing a lot of detail parts inside. From other built reports, I know it should have 110g at the end and will also run well with 129g. Unfortunately the example of hull, deck and upper part showed about 10g less than mine. I have the grey material, the other (obvously older set) was white. 

With scratching, cutting and grinding the hull I won somehow 5-8g (I gave up checking at the end). As a RC modeler, RC comes first and then come details. But usually not all details can be seen or will be recognized by just 0,1% of the people.

So my idea to win more grams is making the cabin as a insertable part, so in case I want to run full speed, it just can be taken out of the superstructure. Gives me another 8g less weight. For display or when only slow motion is needed it can be put inside and illuminated.

I plan running the boat in calm waters but as it’s together with the 1:20 brothers and sisters the option of putting it into the big water should exist. Therfore I buid some extra coaming around the open deck.

end of #1, waiting for parts to arrive….

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