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Lifebout builts

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My model projects of german and english ’sea rescue units‘ (lifeboats) & more (DGzRS)

An overview of my various units.
  • Motor lifeboat LÜBECK II (1:20)
  • 9,5m lifeboat WILMA SIKORSKI (1:20)
  • Beach lifeboat GESINA (1:10)
  • Beach lifeboat MAX CARSTENSEN (1:20)
  • Seenotretter pontoon (1:20)
  • Motor lifeboat LANGEOOG (1:20) — built 1985 – refurbish run planned for next winter

My actual RNLI Tyne class project including boathouse and slipway

Severn class lifeboat 1:20 from Airfix with RC

in progress